We've partnered with recognized industry leaders

Dun & Bradstreet is a trusted service provider of credit building and credibility solutions for businesses. D&B's leading business credit monitoring products are used by hundreds of thousands of companies interested in helping monitor their own business credit profile and reputation. To date, D&B actively interacts with approximately 100,000 US businesses each month through its standard businesses activities and access to capital is one of the top subjects of conversation. With its dedicated team of Credit Advisors and recognized brand, D&B opens dialogues with merchants, assesses their needs and then seamlessly refers interested businesses to Credibility Capital.

Money questions? Turn to the Nerds for objective advice, expert info, helpful tools and more. The objective and award-winning editorial team of 80+ Nerds make even the most complicated money questions and topics simple to understand. Easily compare tons of small business lending options to find your best.

EnrichHer is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs that believes in inclusive economic growth and disrupting traditional and predatory access to small business financing. To create opportunities for women-led businesses, EnrichHer focuses on social change, empowerment and creative uses of monetary value. EnrichHer has pledged to support 10,000 women grow incredible ventures.

SmartBiz technology enables a fast and efficient SBA loan application process with low monthly payments and great rates, while its marketplace of SBA preferred banks increases the likelihood of getting a “yes.”

LoanStar Technologies enables banks to create point-of-sale consumer loans with its MerchantLinQ platform by quickly and easily originating loans as a consumer-friendly alternative to high-interest white label credit cards. The company is supported by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA, an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development funded by the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority.


The Kentucky Bankers Association is a nonprofit trade association that has been providing legislative, legal, compliance and educational services to its member institutions since 1891.  KBA's directors and staff serve as a reliable and responsive source of information and education about areas of interest to the industry, and work together with its members to make the financial services industry a more effective and successful place to work. The strength of the KBA is bankers unifying as an industry to speak as one voice.

Homeowners of America is a property and casualty insurance company that specializes in residential property coverage for homeowners and investors. Our products are sold to the public through independent insurance agents, supported by a highly automated web-based system. The Company offers homeowners, dwelling fire and extended coverage, as well as tenant and condominium owner's policies to both residential customers and real estate investors in Texas, Arizona, South Carolina and Virginia. The Company is also licensed to write property and casualty insurance in an additional 26 states. Through our affiliate Homeowners of America MGA, Inc, we provide sales and claims administration services to Homeowners of America Insurance Company.

Creative Business Inc provides support and guidance in the creative process as it comes to life. Their clients are early-stage and mature companies that work across a number of creative verticals, including art, design, retail, light manufacturing, and more. With their financial guidance, operational support and strategic advisory, Creative Business gives these businesses the creative space they need to grow and thrive.

Since inception in 2011, CoFoundersLab has been committed to helping entrepreneurial-minded people access the resources they need to thrive. Creating a successful business is not easy, and it all starts with a strong team.

Our global community has grown to over 300,294 entrepreneurs in more than 140 countries who are looking to either build their own business or help grow one. Our speciality lies in facilitating creative entrepreneurial partnerships and the platform is designed to allow members to connect with others who are up to similar things. We firmly believe that entrepreneurs are the driving force behind global innovation and progress, which is why we live and breathe to support this community.