Credibility Capital's technology platform originates high quality small business loans for institutional investors including banks, family offices and hedge funds

  • Originating A-paper quality whole loans from $10,000-$400,000 
  • Interest rates range from 8% to 20%
  • 12-, 24-, or 36-month fully amortizing monthly-pay loans
  • Best-in-class underwriting process leveraging traditional commercial and consumer data
  • Transparent, plain-vanilla loans minimizing regulatory risks



  • Ability to generate attractive risk-adjusted net yield
  • Ability to build a diversified portfolio of high credit commercial loans
  • Ability to leverage broad Dun & Bradstreet reach to access prime small business borrowers
  • Experienced management team using technology to scale traditional, rigorous underwriting standards
  • Banks can rebalance loan-to-deposit ratios
  • Banks can rebalance CRE-to-C&I loan ratios


How it works

Credibility Capital allocates whole loans to lenders based on a round-robin allocation policy and lenders pay no fees to access the platform.  We are seeking additional  forward flow arrangements. 


If interested in becoming a lender, please contact us to learn more.