A line of credit may be your best option if you need working capital to purchase inventory, or manage a mismatch in the timing of your costs and revenue.

Why businesses love the Credibility Capital Line of Credit

Flexible 2-year draw period: For the first 2 years you can make up to 4 draws per month, with no repayment required during this draw period. You pay only interest on the drawn amount.

5-year term: Most lenders require full repayment in 12 to 18 months.

No draw fees: You pay a commitment fee at closing. You will never pay any draw fees.

Money when you need it: Some lenders review your credit every time you request a draw, and may not approve your request. We typically review credit every 6 months.

How it works:

At closing we provide a financing commitment you can tap at any time over the next 2 years. During those 2 years you pay only interest on what you've drawn. There are no draw fees or prepayment penalties. At the end of the draw period you pay back whatever you've drawn via equal, fixed monthly payments over the following 3 years. Or, if you qualify, you can renew your line of credit, or refinance the drawn amount into a larger, longer-term installment loan.

Key line of credit features:

- Commitment amounts of $100,000 to $250,000
- Up to 4 draws per month for the first two years, followed by a 3-year payback period
- Option to renew the line or refinance the balance at the end of the draw period
- No draw fees or prepayment penalties
- Interest rates starting at 9.49%
- Commitment fee paid at closing can be financed via an initial draw