An installment loan may be your best option if you need money today to expand your business, consolidate or refinance debt, or purchase equipment.

Why businesses love the Credibility Capital Installment Loan:

Up to $500,000 at closing.

Low fixed monthly payments: No daily, weekly, or biweekly payment requirement.

Low interest rates, long payback periods: Rates on 5-year loans start at 9.49%.

How it works:

We provide the funds at closing, and you repay the loan with fixed, equal monthly payments over the loan term.

Key loan features:

- Loan amounts of $50,000 to $500,000
- Terms up to 5 years
- Fixed monthly payments
- Rates on 5-year loans start at 9.49%
- No maintenance fee or prepayment penalty
- One-time fee paid at closing